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  • #TheDailyTehN  x  "The Fool & The Phenom"

    #TheDailyTehN x "The Fool & The Phenom"

    The most money-minded and action oriented individual I've ever known, a good dude by the name of Tino, tried to put me on to the wonders that lay between the pages of “The Richest Man In Babylon” just under a decade ago.

    At the time I was still studying a finance degree, and he was meant to be studying too . . . but when you looked at his life you’d think he'd already graduated.

    I mean the dude lived on campus, ate on campus, attended classes, sat for exams and all that . . . but his mind was already long gone & outta there. By like his second year of university, Tino had his own store . . . ON CAMPUS. He was importing clothes wholesale from China and selling them at a nice premium. In fact, at one point I bought clothes of him and worked for him for a while. He must have worked a real job maybe his first year only, saved up and got straight to fattening his purse like “The Richest Man In Babylon” had told him. And it had told me too, but I must not have been listening good.

    This was almost nine years ago.

    Now Tino is still in the land of Oz and running a very successful online business, because he picked up another amazing book called “The 4 Hour Work Week”. A book I actually put him on to via another friend of ours. Imagine. *hangs head lower*

    Now if we take a quick look at Tino’s bank balance and mine, despite us having the same opportunities . . . reading the same incredible books, you’ll find two very different results. VERY DIFFERENT.

    So what happened, what did Tino have that I didn’t ?

    I look back at myself then, and look at myself now and it’s quite clear to me. Tino didn’t just read the words between the pages. He didn’t just marvel at these incredibly simple yet effective ideas and notions about wealth creation. No, he took it all to heart . . . as gospel truth, evident in not his words but in his actions. He committed wholeheartedly to taking every action highlighted in the texts he’d read.

    Whereas I read them. Got excited.Told everybody who would listen about these amazing discoveries had made. Then put the books down and got back to my old poverty attracting student ways. When in truth, you’ve gotta study them things just as we’re trying to do now. You’ve got to master the principles, embody them and apply them relentlessly.

    By now, I sincerely hope that you have all found a way to get a hold of a copy of “The Richest Man In Babylon”. If you are reading this, you have internet access and if you have internet access you can find that book. No excuses. Your future and our generation depends on our ability to master this man-made concept called money. I can’t stress that enough.

    We wish to be masters of our own destiny. To have not only the ideas to change the face of our continent, but the resources at our disposal to put those ideas into ferocious action.

    Let me share with you an excerpt from “The Richest Man In Babylon” about the first “cure” for a lean purse “Start Thy Purse To Fattening” embodied by the phrase “A Part Of All I Earn Is Mine To Keep” (that 10% you put away last Zuva Re Pay):

    Arkad said “Now I will tell you a strange truth, the reason for which I know not. When I ceased to pay out more than nine-tenths of my earnings, I managed to get along just as well. I was not shorter than before. Also, ere long, did coins coins come to me more easily than before. Surely it is a law of the Gods that unto him who keepeth and spendeth not a certain part of all his earnings, shall gold come more easily. Likewise, him whose purse is empty shall gold avoid."

    Have an amazing day young Africa. Don't await your inheritance, for I fear it may never come. Let's instead build now, our own. You and I.

    - TehN

  • #TheDailyTehN  x  "One Professional Day At A Time"

    #TheDailyTehN x "One Professional Day At A Time"

    “Turning pro is like kicking a drug habit or stopping drinking. It’s a decision to which we must re-commit every day. Twelve-step programs say “One Day at a Time.” The professional says the same thing.” - Steven Pressfield

    Whenever somebody asked me how long I’ve been doing music for, my answer always used to be “ . . . since 2006, but professionally since 2009.” - I took great pride in that because to me “getting paid” meant I was a professional.

    You see in 2009 I spent 10 months performing in Singapore, five nights a week, four times a night . . . in total approximately 800 shows & a whole lotta good money rolling in.

    Along with the money was a young taste of fame I guess. I, along with my colleagues, was on a massive billboard in Clarke Quay . . . Singapore’s nightlife & entertainment precinct. The drinks never stopped flowing, and I rarely ever had to pay for ‘em. Spending five nights on stage usually meant I spent the other two nights of the week on the beach, partying it up with whichever group of young ladies we had met that working week.

    In short, life was good. I was doing what I loved most and getting paid for it. I was living “the rap life” and quite honestly loving every hedonistic second of it. Sue me, I was young, dumb & full of cum.

    But I digress.

    For all the money I was making I wasn’t really thinking about saving much. In my young and obnoxious mind, I had made it and nothing was gonna change that. Then of course came the crash back to reality, my contract ran out and it was time to head back home. Back to Zimbabwe. Back to Zimbabwe at a time when even the most secure & respectatble professions were struggling to make sense of their futures.

    I’d not thought further than the next weekend of fun in the sun. The "live fast die young" approach to being a “professional” had left me no better off than I was when I first arrived in Singapore. Basically, I was home for the second time now . . . with not much more than a new mixtape, again.

    No actual plan. No actual vision. Just a mixtape, some incredible stage experience and a whole lotta passion. Again.

    When I look back, it’s really no wonder that I even made it as far as I have. I was clueless. Running on fumes, and loving it.

    Silly fool.

    Fast forward to right now. I no longer drink, smoke or party much. It's been that way for nearly a year. Not because I don’t condone or enjoy all those things, but because I don’t believe I have anything to celebrate just yet. It’s finally hit me that all this time I was living the pseudo rap life. That in the real world of bills to pay and groceries to buy, the spoils of fame & stardom we see on TV are just a figment of not only our imagination . . . but of those living them out in their videos.

    The so-called professionals never let us in on the actual truth. That a professional puts in more time, a thousand times more time on the actual job of their art than at the parties. The heights they’ve reached are a result of years and years and years of sacrifice, late long nights of work and truck loads of discipline. In fact by the time we see most of them popping their bottles and partying it up, so much real work has gone into it that they’ve genuinely earned the luxury of just letting loose . . . either that or they were just faking it till they make it.

    So here’s the deal my fellow dream chasers, we’ve chosen careers (and not jobs) . . . we’ve decided to heed the call of our actual passions, the attaining of which could mean the greatest joy. Even if only for a moment. But what I know now about being a professional dictates that we redouble our efforts. It demands that whatever sacrifices we’d already made to get to where we are be resubmitted and added to, ten thousand times over.

    Because it’s not over.
    Because we’re not done.
    Because we’ve really only just begun.

    And trust you me, I’m tired. I'm so very very tired. Just like I’m sure you are. Tired of the people who doubt you out loud. Tired of the late nights and the early mornings. Tired of watching others struggle to defend you and your dream. Tired of feeling like I’m not quite good enough. Tired of trying. Tired of breaking down in tears every few months because I feel useless. Tired of failing. Tired of not being quite sure whether all of this is ever gonna make sense.

    But then I sit down to write even one line of music. And I remember.
    I play back song after song after song of all the roads we’ve already crossed. And I remember.

    I remember that we’ve been here before. Tired and afraid. That it’s all part of being & becoming a professional.

    And so we press on. Unsure of tomorrow, but stronger than yesterday. Seeking only to go pro or go home, knowing all that awaits us at home is a bed and a pile of unfulfilled potential.

    Nah, never that. We’re here to stay, you and I. Till the very end. One professional day at a time.

    - TehN

  • #TheDailyTehN  x  "Why Your Goals Ain't Sh*T . . . Yet."

    #TheDailyTehN x "Why Your Goals Ain't Sh*T . . . Yet."

    Setting the goal is the simple part. The very easiest in fact. It's as simple as sitting yourself down, shutting out the world and looking your soul in the eyes while you ask the following questions:

    "What do I want ?" *scribble down the answer*

    "Why ?" *scribble down the answer* & repeat five times.

    Yes. Repeat the asking of the "Why?" FIVE WHOLE TIMES.

    You repeat the "Why?" until you get to the very core of what you want, and that's only so you're aware of the type of engine you got running the dream chasing you're about to embark on.

    It's not easy, but it's simple.

    To put it another way, setting goals is really just you coming up with the greatest & grandest ideas of what your life could look like. It's a creative endeavour. In those moments of creation you're meant to call upon your imagination and paint yourself into your desired future. You are both the subject and the painter, the brush and the easel. And if you do it right, you'll step back from that process, look down at your new set of goals and feel 2 feet taller. You'll look forward to the life you now know and believe to be possible & feel juiced about it.

    *high 5*

    Good for you, you deserve it. Take a seat and pat yourself on the back. Pour yourself a glass of wine, run a bath and soak in the satisfaction of knowing that you are capable of MORE.

    I'm being serious. Celebrate that moment. Simple as it is, like I said earlier, it's certainly not easy and most people never have the nuts to get around to it.

    Ok now stop celebrating.

    Roll your sleeves up. Pour the rest of that bottle of wine down the drain and listen in good.


    You've defined point B, but you're still at point A. The distance between the two is whatever you make of it. If you get to work on moving towards B. right this second then maybe you've only got another 2 years till point A. depending on your goal. However, looking at that same goal, if you decide to sleep on it and get started tomorrow . . . you've probably just added another 6 months to the attainment time of that dream.

    Yes. It happens like that. Trust me. And 6 months ain't the kinda time you wanna waste. Lest you forget that time, once spent, is gone for good. Yes, for actual actual EVER . . . gone and gone.

    So here's what you need to do. You've got the goal, now you need the plan and the plan is also very simple . . . but by no means easy. It's really about answering this question:

    "What are the things that must happen to create the final result ?"

    That's all. Think of every possible step, every milestone that needs hitting, every angle, every path, every person, every resource you can imagine that needs to be read, learnt, acted upon, people who need to be spoken to or whatever to CREATE THE FINAL RESULT.

    You see that ?

    It's all creation. The setting of the goal and now the devising of the plan. All just creation, the unfolding of this process is the very god in us. Savour these moments, lean into them and let your power flow.

    Patterns will form. Connections and links between this step and that. Take note of these, place as much in order as you can. All the while realising and accepting that the full plan will not always immediately present itself. In fact, you will create & recreate the plan along the way constantly . . . as long as you have one & commit to executing it.

    repeat for effect with me now --> EXECUTING IT.

    Finally, we're at the hard part. The part where the majority fall and fail. Never to dream another dream, set another goal or create another plan again. The fools who don't execute are the onees who never make an impact on their own lives.

    The ones who poured a second glass of wine earlier and revelled in the euphoria of finally writing out their goals. Or the ones who got so caught up in writing "the perfect plan" that they never thought to put the damn thing into MOTION.



    Sorry I'm shouting a lot today, but this is important. Our dreams don't just grow wings, we have to sew the wings on them things ourselves. In fact, we are the wings, we have to tear our souls in two . . . attach a piece at either end of our dreams & get to flapping like our lives depend on it. And they do. Cos when our dreams take flight, we meet ourselves in heaven on earth. Even if onl briefly, you're a person worth meeting.

    So I don't care how brilliant your ideas are, if you can't execute they're nothing. You're ideas are nothing and you're nothing too.

    Dream. Plan. Take action. Even tiny action. But take action every single day until you've moved your life from point A. to point B. Cos you're worth it and you deserve it.


    - TehN

  • #TheDailyTehN x "Made To Make Mistakes"

    “Just about ANY personality trait or skill can be learned: simply find it in someone you know and copy it. Then watch what happens.”
    Steve Goodier

    We were made to make mistakes. We come outta the womb kicking and screaming and crying, because we've already made our first mistake. We've crashed landed on planet Earth, taken on human form and decided to proceed with actual life. The living of which is never easy.

    I don't care who you are or where you come from. Who made you or raised you. Whether rich or poor, black or white, tall or short and anything else in between . . . by virtue of being a soul in a body, life will be a confusing ungovernable mess even at the best of times.

    The aforementioned mistakes are gonna hit you early and often, whether you actually like it or not. And in the realm of mistakes & making 'em there's really only a few uses for them.

    You can make your mistakes, take those same mistakes and continue to make them. Day in and day out, from week to week and month to month . . . all year long, every year until you either die of natural causes or till that very same batch of mistakes you love so much kills you. (Zeus forbid.)

    There's also the option of making mistakes, but taking those mistakes and learning from them as you go along. Thus creating room and time for fresher, newer, greater and more interesting mistakes. This can apply to any facet of life you like. Your love life, your work life, your family life, your dreams & aspirations and every other life you'll live to experience along the way  . . . until you inevitably die.

    It's not rocket science that the second option at your disposal rocks so much harder than the first. For one thing a greater range of mistakes lived and learned from usually makes for a relatively happier existence. The hell of continuously being the fool who falls for the very same type of "wrong" person, or the dummy who just never locks their car door . . . etc. etc. etc. . . . gets really old really quickly.

    So fail forward fast and never make the same mistake twice, if you can help it. And if you do, don't take it too hard.

    Today however, I'm here to remind you of a third option, one that if done right can lead to an even happier life still.

    And it's quite simple really.

    Sure you can marry your mistakes and make them over and over again, or take the few you have and learn from them . . . but you could also just stop. Yea stop, look around you and learn from the mistakes of others.

    Though before you rush off and try to learn from the mistakes of everybody out there . . . cos that'd sorta be a mistake too, hear me out. I'm talking about learning with some brand of focus. More specifically, about finding yourself a mentor & drinking from their cup of wisdom poured from the wealth of all their mistakes.

    A mentor is one of those five people we should all seek to have in our lives. They're a trusted counsellor and a guide of sorts. They're not necessarily a friend, although they can grow to be, but ultimately they're that one particular person willing to answer questions, give advice and lend a helping hand from time to time.

    They've seen a little more than you. Made more mistakes than you. Mistakes that they've learned from (hopefully). In other words, mistakes that you don't have to make. But it takes time to find the right one, the right fit for you . . . I'm not sure I've found mine. I have however found the value in doing so, cos lets face it, we could all do with making fewer mistakes or at least better ones.

    Life's tricky enough as it is. So go ahead, take the plunge and find your guide and once you do . . . you're on your way to building your 5ive.


    - TehN

  • #TheDailyTehN  x  "The Vanity Of Pride"

    #TheDailyTehN x "The Vanity Of Pride"

    “Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us.”  -Jane Austen

    There's something about being able to look at yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin. From the uniqueness of your face, lips, eyes & nose, right the way down to your knees, toes, tummy & elbows. I'd like to think that I am, I mean for the most part, I love what I see. We all should. There's such wonder in the many different models & makes of this human condition's physical form.

    Sure, it hasn't always been the easiest skin to love being in . . . when I was younger I had ridiculous eczema. So soon as it got hot, and it's hot most of the year, I'd itch and scratch and leave horrible marks all over my body.

    I hated it. It made me feel incredibly shy and kinda ghastly to look at.

    In fact when I was 12 years old, around the time we starting doing extra-curricular activities with our sister school, I was so self-conscious when it came to the dryness at the corners of my mouth I'd try covering up with my mom's make-up. Ridiculous when I look back now, but quite true. At the time all I could think about was that I hated the way I looked, and couldn't bear the thought of anyone noticing it or worse yet asking me about it.

    And yet, it wasn't anything I could help. I just had sensitive skin and a pretty common skin problem. It didn't help in the slightest that I sweat like a pig, and still do . . . or that I was allergic to what felt like everything under the sun. My DNA was just set up that way and in time I grew to just accept and basically get on with living.

    I found that when I was just more mindful of what I ate and made sure I did some sorta physical actvity daily, my skin was heaps better. And so, my commitment to exercise and consciously healthy living began.

    I just wanted to feel good about me. Simple and plain. As someone constantly striving to improve, one of my favourite by-products of consciously healthy living is watching your body change. Actually feeling your energy levels morph into something almost superhuman, whilst the very body you inhabit begins to sculpt itself. That to me is like magic.

    I love that if you just stick to the routine of offering your muscles some form of consistently challenging resistance, after about 6 weeks you can actually see slight changes. And if you stick with it for another 6 weeks the people around you start to notice too. The body responses to the world you create around it. I get excited when I think of the possibilities, when I imagine just what could be if I push a little harder and hold on a little longer.

    For me, the idea of ever just being comfortable right where I am is insane. What if, hidden deep inside me is an athlete and I never let him out . . . worse still, what if all the world as we know it ends. I mean, no more modern living . . . no electricirty . . . no running water . . . no processed food from the supermarket . . . what if we had to get up and go out there and run some breakfast down ?!

    Yea okay, maybe not . . . but I do know this much, I still have the annoying dryness in the corners of my mouth from time to time and it still f*ucks with me. Not for long though, cos I can't change that much. I can only continue to seek to eat better, sleep better, sweat more and love the body I'm in because I built it the best I could.

    And I'm happy.

    Are you ?

    - TehN

  • #TheDailyTehN  x  "More For Me, More For We"

    #TheDailyTehN x "More For Me, More For We"

    With the start of  the second quarter, you might have noticed that all this week via #TheDailyTehN I've been trying to transfer my goals from their idealistic essence to a more workable & measurable reality.

    In the area of sustainable wealth creation, my goal currently stands as follows:

    "To create a business model that creates millionaires who create millionaires"

    Now it's dawned on me and I'm sure you too, that if we're gonna create millionaires who create millionaires . . . we're gonna neeed to at the very least create them in ourselves too.

    So by now I hope you've got your copy of "The Richest Man In Babylon" and like myself are striving towards the mastery of this concept created by man known as MONEY. As it's the start of a new month I'm assuming you set aside the 10% due to you as your EARNINGS (not savings), because a part of all you earn is yours to keep . . . and from now until we reach our goal, never forget that.

    However, as I was revising my wealth goal . . . I was looking at the second half of it . . . the part that says "....millionaires who create millionaires" and I realised that we were doing nothing to foster that habit, that mindset. That core ethos that we are not creating merely for the millions, or merely for ourselves, but for the wider empowerment and enrichment of the wider world around us.

    When I wrote that goal out, the whole point was that it captured the two things most important in my wealth creation vision . . . the first was that people become empowered . . . but secondly and most importantly, that we become empowered with a view to empowering others further . . . who we would hope would go further and pay that empowerment forward, and so on and on.

    As we set about creating millionaires of ourselves by mastering the habit of paying ourselves before all others, I realise now that a habit of giving was necessary especially now early on while we're still building our wealth. A gentle reminder that even as we build the little we build, there are those with nothing to build or build upon.

    It occurred to me that it would be a brilliant idea to find it in ourselves to when we pay 10% to ourselves, to also set aside the next 10% for something outside of ourselves too. Donate to a charity, buy groceries to the tune of that amount and give a random stranger . . . I really don't know hey, but if we get into a habit of giving away to some part of humanity that isn't directly ourselves now . . . imagine what power we'll have in our giving when we become millionaires.

    As we grow, so too shall those around us grow. I've decided to pledge 10% of what I make in all I make to a charity called Facez here in Zim. It's a charity organisation that helps put under priviliged children through school for as little as $30 per term. I've chosen Facez because I like the idea of being able to actually watch a young life grow & benefit from my efforts. It's the kind of initiative that I already know will help keep me grounded and far from my greatest fears about acquiring wealth.

    So now it's 10% for me. 10% for us. And the rest to live off. I can handle that, annd I believe you can too. In next week's post I'll get back to my experiences & views on "The Richest Man In Babylon" and we can continue master this money, and continue to work towards enriching lives around us.

    - TehN