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  • #TheDailyTehn  x  "TISU NGODA DZACHO"

    #TheDailyTehn x "TISU NGODA DZACHO"

    If you're here and reading this right now, I know it must mean that you are one of a growing number who support and believe in me . . . so can I start this with a thank you or two ?

    Sure I can. In fact, I must.

    Thank you for every single time you share anything I create for you. From the memes with quotes from my songs, to the songs themselves, these blog posts & of course the videos and performances. We're living in the age of the Attention Economy, your time is limited while your entertainment options are infinite. I know this all too well, afterall I'm living in it too, and so it means all that much more to me when you take the time out to see me & what I'm building.

    Thank you for every single time you ever wrote me a kind word or comment, whether it was from as far back as my Myspace days, or as one of the thousands of homesick Diasporans who used to drop me a line on YouTube . . . or maybe you're one of the 9000+ who allow me to engage them daily on twitter . . . if it's facebook or even soundcloud or anywhere online that I have a presence, I try to make as much time as I can for you. And time and time again your kindness and encouragement have lifted me higher and higher.

    My greatest thanks goes out to those amongst you who scream the loudest for me and mines at our shows, the ones who post with no shame loud and clear how much they love the things we're trying to do with this music . . . I'm talking about you Super True Fans. The ones who sometimes even get trolled & dragged on these social networks for being vocal supporters & believers of something some others may not see or agree with. Thank you, your strength and your sense of conviction only make it so I know I'll never slow down or quit. No, not until I have given you as much to be proud of as possible.

    I won an award for Best Hip-Hop album at last night's ZIMAs. But it's not lost on me that this award almost has nothing to do with just me, it's about the mainstream embracing Zim Hip-Hop more & more. Slowly but steadily. It's about more doors and more bridges for the movement as a whole.

    I don't create as I do for awards, I've always given you these words I call friends as a means of expression. It all began for me as a way to get the pain out, as a way to force the sun to shine on my darker days, for a shot at hope and a belief that someone else out there felt what I felt . . . and that we needed each other, and that we're never truly alone in this world.

    I never expected to be nominated to be honest. I hadn't even intended to make a submission for consideration. It was only after some persistence from the ZIMA organisers would desperately wanted me to see that I had a responsibility as one of the new leaders of this growing genre of ours, to contribute. Trouble is, I had no solo albums . . . merely solo singles & several mixtapes, most of which not from 2014. It was then made clear to me that the submission guidelines for this the first ZIMAs to be held in quite a few years would actually cover a wider period of time. So I submitted a collection of 6 singles that I'd released over that period, and were elligible for consideration. The ZIMA folk later put these singles forward as an EP, and this is what became my contribution.

    Songs that I felt would best express me not as a rapper, just as a human, which naturally included "The Year Before Rap" "Forever Here" & "Be Amazing", with "Simudza Gumbo" and "Happy" rounding out the various compartments of my personality.

    The rest I guess, is now history.

    I'm not one to rest on my laurels, I'm well aware tha this award represents work put in over a great period in my career. It's the culmination of many hours and truthfully speaking the property of some many others who have built these bridges and doors with me so far.

    It belongs to my brother, DJ, producer & friend @TakeFizzo.

    It belongs to my brother & partner in cRhyme @JnrBrown263.

    It belongs to the managers who have advised and guided me all these years, Mutsai Musa, Tsungi Zvobgo, more recently Taps and all the way in the beginning a man named Scottie Pimpin'.

    It belongs to @Begottensun, a man who is moulding and motivating so much of what I hope to bring to the table in the future. A big brother and a leader.

    It belongs to @SimbaTagz my favourite person to collaborate with, in music he is my best half and in life he is my great friend and cousin-brother. He's defended me when others wouldn't.

    It belongs to @YagiDojo another one of these incredibly talented producer/brother/friend of mine. He's always seen in me more than I see in myself.

    It belongs to my family, the likes of Aadil Sirdar and of course Mama Kiri, and my beautiful better half.

    Anyone I ever cried to, anyone I ever made smile, anyone who ever just showed up to a gig and made this what began as a dream into something too real.

    Thank you so much.

    #TisuNgodaDzacho . . . with tears in my eyes right now, know that I believe this with all my heart. We, the people, we are the most valuable resource we have. And I believe in that potential's power to create whole entire worlds. Rambai makashinga please, keep building with me.

    It's all love.

    - Tehn 

  • #TheDailyTehn  x  "So What's Next ?"

    #TheDailyTehn x "So What's Next ?"

    Do you remember how last week I said that once you've written your goals/visions down you're officially in the realm of productivity ?

    You do ?

    Awesome. Cos I'm here to tell you that I sorta kinda didn't give you the full actual actual of truth on that one. Yes yes I know what I said last week, in fact I'll even share it with you again to prove I'm not taking you for a fool out here.

    "Bring your vision to life. Once it lives both in your mind and on that page, you can begin to build on it further. You're now in the realm of productivity. It's now time to start producing results. It's now time to take what you've written down, hold it up against your life as it looks and feels now . . . and fill in the gaps."

    Happy now ? I hope so.

    Here's what I'm afraid I really should have made clear about this whole "realm of productivity" notion. Once you've successfully defined & outlined your vision for yourself, in the form of a goal worthy of you aka "a dream with a deadline", YOU DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY ATTAIN NINJATIVITY.

    Despite what every cell in your body is going to be telling you, just because the vision now seems so real you can touch & taste . . . doesn't mean you've made it real yet. All that feeling means is that you've set for yourself an exciting goal, and detailed in such a way that your entire being is screaming to live in that fresh reality. Your mind believes it is possible, the picture has been painted so well that if you didn't know better you'd swear ten times over that you've already been here before.

    STOP !!! 

    This feeling is a traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap !!!!

    I have so many piles of pieces of paper upon which have been crafted some of the most elaborate and engaging goals & visions you ever saw. I've done vision boards, and collages, and mind maps, and SMART goals and you name it . . . I've put it down. And of those goals, I can safely say that over 60% of them never saw me taking a single step towards actually achieving them.

    That pile of unbegun goals is the sum of greatest procrastinations. Where the picture painted look so real and so beautiful, both in mind and on that page, that I either just lived it in my mind or felt to afraid to try and realise it. I settled. Early on before a single seed could touch the ground. Wasted potential, the worst sin of them all in my books. And I've lived many different versions of that same song over and over throughout life, it happens. We live and we learn.

    So what's they key, if a written down goal is not enough then what must happen to swing the odds of achievement back in our favour ?

    The answer is simple. It's time to plan. An exercise that I'm gonna try explain next week, but for those of you keen to get started here's the big tip . . . planning starts and ends with a single question: SO WHAT'S NEXT ?

    Answer that, and you're on your way.

    - Tehn

  • #TheDailyTehn  x  "Let The Music Play"

    #TheDailyTehn x "Let The Music Play"

    One of my longest standing beliefs has been keeping me from realising the kind of growth I believe I deserve. I fully see this now & wholeheartedly accept it. It's the belief that nobody will ever care about my dreams/vision/goals as much as I do, or enough, so I have to do everything myself.

    Needless to say,as a result I've spent the greater part of my dream-chasing years as a micro-managing neurotic fucktard. Never pleasant to be, never pleasant to be around. Everything always has to be done just so, and if it doesn't well then toys are getting thrown out the cot cos you've "ruined my grand vision."

    Nah. That's old hat now.

    Today, I'm all about the team-building and the search for soul singers. I'm thoroughly excited by the prospect of what kinda combinations of thinkers & thinking will bring about the greatest synergies. Cos let's face it, no man is an island, and there's a reason for this. I'll say it again and never stop saying it . . . WE NEED EACH OTHER.

    So my new belief is this. The grand vision may be mine, and unique to me and my thinking, but how that vision eventually unfolds and manifests is ever changing and ever growing. It's as alive as the people who build it. The key is to bring the right people to the table. The right set of soul singers.

    Sure, I wrote the song, but I can't sing all the parts & even if I could . . . would I really be the best man or woman for each voice. Wouldn't it serve me better to actively seek out the person better than me and more passionate than me, in each area of expertise. Sure, it's my song, but now it's our song too. Mine is merely to ensure that the song finds life, how that life comes to be has to be up to the soul singers.

    It's about trust and respect. Trusting enough in the talent of the team that has found it's way to your vision, to believe that your vision is in fact safe with them. Tempered with respecting them enough to actually allow their light to shine, as opposed to stepping in at every other juncture to tweak & micro-manage.

    It's about letting go with love. Letting the vision set the direction, and letting the team do the walking. As it stands I'm frantically working to build around my 10 year vision, exposing myself to as many soul singers as possible & just listening. Listening for the passion, looking for a hint of some bridge or door to build.And I'm loving it. People matter, and I love that too.

    I sat down with an incredible young man today who's going to be helping me realise the part of my dream that requires a strong touring business. The young dude hasn't got my overall vision, or the experience I have as a musicpreneur, but he knows how to put on a show . . . far better than I can. More than anything else he is extremely passionate about putting on shows & events, so much more than I am. So I sat, and I listened, while the young man sung my song . . . and he sounded like magic. We're gonna build incredible things together, and to think, a few months ago I had actually written him off as a glory-hunter.

    Just goes to show, it all starts with listening. More so with your heart than any ears you might have. Let go, and let the music play. Trust me.

    What beliefs have been limiting your growth in the relationships arena of your life ? Let me know in the comments below, or on twitter or on facebook. It's all good.

    - Tehn

  • #TheDailyTehn  x  "Can You See Yourself Clearly Yet ?"

    #TheDailyTehn x "Can You See Yourself Clearly Yet ?"

    Here's what's become abundantly clear to me. I want to get my health and fitness under control, but I no longer know why. I used to believe it was because I wanted to look good in a tux. I even wrote a post about it, right here. And I quote . . .

    "There's nothing wrong with having an entire goal built up and developed around the desire to look dope in a certain piece of clothing."

    Yea okay cool, but I don't even own a tux. I set the goal and loved the idea of all of it, but never got around to buying the actual tux or ending up at any of the actual events and occasions that require me to even wear one. So yea, that's a fail and useless to me now . . . here, in search of a reason to press on.

    Then I got to thinking about the time I got hooked on The 811 Diet, honestly I'd never felt more alive. The whole philosphy resonated deeply with me and the meals were delicious. To this day, fruit is my number one food. Reading the book and actually applyiing the principles quite dilligently paid off boat loads. I felt great, but lost a lot of weight, which never makes me happy. So as time went on, little bits of meat and modern-man foodstuff started creeping in, and thus was the death of 811. I would definitely try this one again, and work harder to supplement my protein needs.

    Considering that 5 months after starting it I proclaimed that "I Think I Now Hate Eating" as a result, yea, some major rethinking would need to go down before I revisit that one.

    "In order for exercise to be beneficial the body needs time to rest and repair muscle tissue. That's a health and fitness fact. And I hate it. Well, up until one week ago, I hated it. "

    Another old quote of mine, from probably the simplest yet most useful health & fitness post I've written to date, "A Case For Consistency".

    And with that little trip down memory lane, I think I know what I'm gonna need to do to get back on road. I definitely need to take my own advice and write down a fresh new health & fitness goal that actually deeply covers WHY I'm even doing anything to begin with. I need routine and I need good habits, which will be easier to build and identfiy once the fresh goal has been set. I need to wake up a good hour or two before the rest of the world, and build my days from the darkness into the light.

    I'm very fortunate to have this body of knowledge and experience saved for me to check in with as I please. I'm one of those people who honestly falls more than they stay standing, my gift is that I always always always get myself back up. It's never easy. In fact, getting up is always harder to do the second time around. It's so much wiser and fruitful to just never fall, but as humans we can't guarantee that.

    "Yesterday's limits become today's standards if we simply make the decision to challenge them. Lesson learned."

    Another quote from an old post. So, if anything else, today we know this much . . . KEEP A RECORD OF YOUR HEALTH & FITNESS JOURNEY. You never know when your very own words may come in handy. So busy giving out advice that we rarely take the time to take our own. Go ahead, look back at the old goals you set . . . whether you achieved them or nott, and build your fresh goals from there. Minus the mistakes & with an extra emphasis on the things that worked for you. At this stage, I know one thing, I don't wanna be skinny. So I'm gonna hunt for some indication of my "happy" weight and let that be our metric of choice. Wish me luck hey.

    - Tehn

  • #TheDailyTehn  x  "Back Down, For Who ?!"

    #TheDailyTehn x "Back Down, For Who ?!"

    The process of sitting down to flesh out your vision for your career can be incredibly daunting, whilst at the same time incredibly rewarding. Daunting, because once you've managed to put your vision down on paper it's real and now binds you to take action. Rewarding, because once you've managed to put your vision down on paper it's real and now invites you to take action.

    At this point you still have a choice, to either embrace action and step forward or let your vision intimidate you into backing down. I'll be sharing my thoughts & feels on the action aspect every Tuesday via the "Productivity"edition of #TheDailyTehn . . . today I'd like to explore the dark side of dream chasing our way through these careers we've chosen.

    Once you've brought your vision to life by putting pen to paper (well done btw), you're gonna feel juiced up & excited . . . that's if you've done it right. Soon after that feeling however, d'evils start to creep in. You see, if achieving success is basically just a case of clarifying your future's vision & filling the gaps in your current life (step by step, bit by bit, day by day) as compared to your future vision . . . it stands to reason that every now again, you're gonna let some doubt creep in.

    You're gonna sit there with your freshly typed up vision in one hand, and for every bold and exciting detail you're gonna begin to see how it could go horribly wrong. If you're not thinking certain aspects of those same details are going to go wrong, then you're doubting whether they'd even be possible in the first place. If it's not you flinging dirt and doubt at your freshly laid out vision, then trust me, it's gonna be your loved ones. Your friends, your family and anyone else who "cares" will be saying stuff like "But how are you gonna . . ." or "But does it make sense to assume that . . ." or "It's a great idea, but . . ." and when they do, each time . . . you're gonna either join them or resent them.

    But they love you. Honestly they do. It's just that this dream chasing thing is almost 10 times more scary for your loved ones to watch you attempt, than it is for you to go through it. Trust me. I've been on both sides of the equation before, that's right, even as a dream chaser myself I've played the part of the so-called Devil's Advocate.

    So I get it, though I don't condone it. But such is this dream chaser's life. Nobody said it would be easy, and to be quite honest we don't care. We love what we do and that is all the reward in the world, what more when the world rewards us.

    So do press on. Don't shirk away from the responsibility of putting your vision to paper. Don't shy away from sharing it, from singing it's soul to the highest heights and back. Cos for every one hundred or so naysayers and doubters, you're gonna meet a believer. Sometimes you'll find him or her in the mirror waiting to help you through, but that's the same place you'll find your greatest enemy from time to time too.

    Stay woke. Stay hungry. Be amazing. The world is yours for the painting.

    - Tehn

  • #TheDailyTehn  x  "Write It All Down"

    #TheDailyTehn x "Write It All Down"

    If ideas are the seeds of success, productivity is the art of cultivation. The catalyst of creation, the point where God and man meet to unleash their greatness. Ideas are golden, but it's productivity that equips them with their precious golden glow.

    Productivity to me is action, and action is energy . . . the source of any idea's life force. But that's not enough its never enough, because really, productivity is a certain type of action. It's that black-belt level of action, packed with purpose, passion and a certain kinda precision. (Yes, I'm talking about that NINJATIVITY.) That brand of action with direction and intention. In simplest terms, you can't just get up and shoot, you've really gotta aim first.

    You've gotta get yourself some concrete goals. Before all else, you've gotta know where you intend to go. Sometimes, the idea itself comes out so clear and concrete that it serves as your goal fresh out the box. For the most part however, our ideas just come out somewhere between insanely vague and viciously vivid. Regardless of where on the scale yours land, you're gonna need to refine and fine tune them until they look more like goals.

    Somebody wise out there once said that a goal is just a dream with a deadline. Quite true. You see, we can dream big . . . MASSIVE in fact, we can dream as far ahead and wide and tall and long as we allow our imaginations to stretch . . . we can explore infinite ideas, from infinite angles, as we please. Thank God for time, thank God for deadlines. Cos until you can pick out an idea and put a "best before" date on it, it's as good as nothing. It lives in the clouds inside your mind, so full of potential value but ultimately not worth shit to you or the world at large.

    So it's simple. Pick an idea. Write it down.

    Write it down.

    Write it down.


    Give it a name. Give it a shape. Some sort of form to begin to cling to. A foundation to spring from. Give it life. That's right !!! When you put that pen to paper, you give your idea actual life for the first time. You release it from the fantasy land of your mind, and bring it one step closer to existence.

    Go to town and back in this moment. Write and write and write and write. Flesh out the details as if the object of your idea's creation is already playing out in front of you. If you dream of owning a particular car, really write that thing into your life. Describe the roads you'll drive through, the colour of the paint job, the things you'll see as you travel, feel the wind blowing through your car, name it, turn up the stereo and pick out the playlist, imagine the way it'll handle around your favourite corners, detail the purchase process, think of who you'll tell first and what you'll say . . . WRITE IT ALL DOWN !!!

    Till it feels real. Till it gets emotional even. Bring your vision to life. Once it lives both in your mind and on that page, you can begin to build on it further. You're now in the realm of productivity. It's now time to start producing results. It's now time to take what you've written down, hold it up against your life as it looks and feels now . . . and fill in the gaps.

    That's what dream chasing is to me, it's just filling in the gaps of your current life with all the things it's missing. And because you have a detailed vision of your goal, you know what's missing . . . you may not know how to fill it all in, but you do know what's missing.

    That sense of knowing something is missing is what drives me, and so many like me, productivity is the process of filling in the missing pieces of your life.

    The life you deserve.

    And I'm no expert, I just want to share with you what I've learnt about this process over the years. I'm passionate about finding ways to do what I love more effectively and efficiently. And well aware that I'd rather live in a world where I can bring ideas to light, encourage others to do the same & hopefully even build some stuff together.

    That would be amazing, always is.

    - Tehn