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  • #TheDailyTehn  x  "Write It All Down"

    #TheDailyTehn x "Write It All Down"

    If ideas are the seeds of success, productivity is the art of cultivation. The catalyst of creation, the point where God and man meet to unleash their greatness. Ideas are golden, but it's productivity that equips them with their precious golden glow.

    Productivity to me is action, and action is energy . . . the source of any idea's life force. But that's not enough its never enough, because really, productivity is a certain type of action. It's that black-belt level of action, packed with purpose, passion and a certain kinda precision. (Yes, I'm talking about that NINJATIVITY.) That brand of action with direction and intention. In simplest terms, you can't just get up and shoot, you've really gotta aim first.

    You've gotta get yourself some concrete goals. Before all else, you've gotta know where you intend to go. Sometimes, the idea itself comes out so clear and concrete that it serves as your goal fresh out the box. For the most part however, our ideas just come out somewhere between insanely vague and viciously vivid. Regardless of where on the scale yours land, you're gonna need to refine and fine tune them until they look more like goals.

    Somebody wise out there once said that a goal is just a dream with a deadline. Quite true. You see, we can dream big . . . MASSIVE in fact, we can dream as far ahead and wide and tall and long as we allow our imaginations to stretch . . . we can explore infinite ideas, from infinite angles, as we please. Thank God for time, thank God for deadlines. Cos until you can pick out an idea and put a "best before" date on it, it's as good as nothing. It lives in the clouds inside your mind, so full of potential value but ultimately not worth shit to you or the world at large.

    So it's simple. Pick an idea. Write it down.

    Write it down.

    Write it down.


    Give it a name. Give it a shape. Some sort of form to begin to cling to. A foundation to spring from. Give it life. That's right !!! When you put that pen to paper, you give your idea actual life for the first time. You release it from the fantasy land of your mind, and bring it one step closer to existence.

    Go to town and back in this moment. Write and write and write and write. Flesh out the details as if the object of your idea's creation is already playing out in front of you. If you dream of owning a particular car, really write that thing into your life. Describe the roads you'll drive through, the colour of the paint job, the things you'll see as you travel, feel the wind blowing through your car, name it, turn up the stereo and pick out the playlist, imagine the way it'll handle around your favourite corners, detail the purchase process, think of who you'll tell first and what you'll say . . . WRITE IT ALL DOWN !!!

    Till it feels real. Till it gets emotional even. Bring your vision to life. Once it lives both in your mind and on that page, you can begin to build on it further. You're now in the realm of productivity. It's now time to start producing results. It's now time to take what you've written down, hold it up against your life as it looks and feels now . . . and fill in the gaps.

    That's what dream chasing is to me, it's just filling in the gaps of your current life with all the things it's missing. And because you have a detailed vision of your goal, you know what's missing . . . you may not know how to fill it all in, but you do know what's missing.

    That sense of knowing something is missing is what drives me, and so many like me, productivity is the process of filling in the missing pieces of your life.

    The life you deserve.

    And I'm no expert, I just want to share with you what I've learnt about this process over the years. I'm passionate about finding ways to do what I love more effectively and efficiently. And well aware that I'd rather live in a world where I can bring ideas to light, encourage others to do the same & hopefully even build some stuff together.

    That would be amazing, always is.

    - Tehn

  • #TheDailyTehn  x  "Spot The Soul Singers"

    #TheDailyTehn x "Spot The Soul Singers"

    There's something special I discovered about people and life, through writing about my own as a musician. I've found that no matter how personal I write a particular song, or how much I feel like I'm baring my own unique and private soul . . . there are people out there drawn to it as if it were their own.

    I guess cos it's music that's a given, but the fact that I can share an experience of my own & have it somehow resonate with someone else . . . someone I've never met or even said a single word to. That blows me away every single time.

    The really special part is when I actually get to connect and share conversations with these people. We'll talk about a song like "Forever Here" that I wrote because I missed my mother. For just over a decade she'd been living & working in the UK, and for reasons out of our control I'd only seen her once or twice in that time. Now, that was my experience, but everytime I speak on it with someone else they open my own mind up to what I was saying. They tell me about long lost friends, about the dreams they have yet to realise, about the heartache of failing, of trying and falling, of struggling to find their way through the world. And yet, when I sat down to write that song, I merely intended to express my longing to be reunited with my mama . . . to work hard enough to buy her a ticket home and a home to live in when she got here.

    Quite simply put, I sung my soul. And while the lyrics said one thing for me, the song spoke volumes into the lives of others. I've found such comfort in knowing others hear me, and even more so knowing that they feel I heard them.

    Lately, in the name of relationship building & networking, I've been applying an idea I touched on in last week's post as well as in the song "Forever Here".

    "If you're chosen to sing, sing to the moon and the stars. Only then will it sink in this is only the start."

    I have a vision that I shared with you, my Vision 2024. That vision and more importantly the sharing of that vision represented my own attempt to sing my song to the moon and the stars. I've found that when you find your passion, your calling or your great big precious idea . . . the best thing you do for it (after putting it in writing) is to share it. To share it loud & proud, far and wide.

    Go where people are and sing your soul, listen and look out for the ones who join your song. The ones singing their own song with harmonies & melodies that melt together perfectly with yours. Approach those whose song you think you recognise. Ask them how they did it, how they got a melody you like to flow the way it did or a harmony that drew you in to feel as strong as it did. Trust me, it's empowering.

    Your life's passion funnelled into your ideas and then in turn out into the world becomes like a beacon. Like a homing signal searching meticulously for the "others". The others, who just like you, only want to believe.

    Don't hide.

    Don't fear losing your idea.

    Rather focus on building the bridges & doors you'll need to make that idea a reality. And so far, I've found no method better than the soul singers approach. Than just talking about what matters the most to you, sharing and baring your own hopes & dreams. The right people will see that beacon, the right people will be drawn to you, as you will be to them.

    See cos here's what music has taught me about people, when you share your vision with passion and in detail, the people who resonate with it don't resonate with you . . . they cling fiercely to the pieces of themselves that they see, feel & hear coming out of what you believe to be you. The missing pieces of themselves. Now just pause to imagine the magic that happens when such people get together and build.

    More than bridges & doors get built, entire futures and revolutions are set in motion. History is proof & truth of this. Not every one will agree, not every one will follow, not every one will care . . . that's fine, cos not every one matters to your journey. Not directly anyway. So focus on the soul singers, they're searching for you just as desperately & may not even know it.

    Happy hunting.

    - Tehn

  • #TheDailyTehn  x  "Stuck In The Mud"

    #TheDailyTehn x "Stuck In The Mud"

    I am seriously struggling with trying to get back into the regular workout zone. It's actually pretty sad hey. There is no get up and go inside of me. The desire to look and feel better is there, but it's almost not really real. I'm just a great big excuse making machine right now. Too lazy to sit down and clearly define once again what my health & fitness goals are, so I'm instead left  open to any & every excuse not to exercise. Below are my two star excuses of the moment.

    It's too hot right now. Yes, but I know full well that if I'm serious about exercising daily I will wake up earlier as I've done in the past. My diet is off & I can't afford to eat as cleanly as I'd like to. Yes, but I know full well that I can plan around this too & at least get my exercise routine up and in place while I sort out my diet. Notice how I even have the answers for my own excuses.

    I know what I am supposed to be doing, I'm just not doing it. I know how to get around the obstacles in my way, I'm just not doing it. It feels foolish just writing this. Making excuses and in the same breath denouncing them. Yet here I am still. All the knowledge, all the info, all the desire . . . but no action. And the worst part is, I know what I need to do to change all that.

    A goal & a plan. Let's make a deal you and I, let's commit to taking an hour out of our day today and creating both of these essential get up and go devices. Clearly define for yourself what you hope to achieve in the health & fitness area of your life, then proceed to detail a plan of action. Identify potential obstacles & stumbling blocks, then work a way through or around them . . . THEN START.

    Can we try do that ?

    Plan today, and execute right away. No excuses.


    - Tehn

  • #TheDailyTehn  x  "Vision 2024"

    #TheDailyTehn x "Vision 2024"

    At 12pm today the collaboration between my bro Simba Tagz and the incredible Ice Prince goes live today on The African Hip-Hop Blog. I've been looking forward to the release of this one since hearing it a couple months, it represents so much of what I believe is needed to put our music on the map. I know how hard Simba has worked over the years and this I hope is the beginning of only greater and greater things.

    I know Simba's vision for himself and this is certainly in line with that, as a friend and a fan I'm just proud.

    So I thought I'd share with you my own vision too, a project I've spoken of before and just recently put to paper. 

    Pleas go and download "Don't Leave" here, while you read this though.

    The SOTG Institute.

    The Institute's Life Mission - the purpose for our existence & our relentless commitment to growth.

    The S.O.T.G. Institute is the home of exceptional Zimbabwean creative talent. Our sole purpose is to "identify and incubate homegrown art into successful businesses within the global village." It is our deepest belief that a country's pride, voice and cultural identity; flow directly from the creative contributions of her artists. An important contribution, with a nascent potential to generate infinite amounts of wealth for the economy and it's beneficiaries . . . the people. Therefore, it is our relentless mission to show our people the world through our own, as artists, and the promise it has; to be the better and amazing while we're at it too.

    The Institute's Destiny - what we are destined to be.

    On December 31, 2024 The SOTG Institute has achieved an annual income of $100million. The Institute, has been recognized as one of the leading marketing and artist business development entities on the continent, and a key driver of Zimbabwe's thriving creative economy. Revenue is being generated through our innovative touring, licensing, and publishing business units; compromised of key partnerships across the continent with venues, promoters, distributers, advertisers, filmmakers and recording studios. We have not only nurtured & developed a roster of approximately 20 artists, well placed to out-think & out-execute their peers, but we've also created the industry infrastructure for them to do business in.

    Through strategic leveraging of our roster's creativity and collective fanbase, we have been able to ensure that each one of our artists is in and of themselves a self-sufficient profit generating business entity within 1 year of partnering with us. With the primary focus being to build careers that last, through a strong touring business fueled by even stronger consumer connections. At least 50% of our revenue is created from leveraging the 100million strong audience connections our artist's have built, across their social networks, email databases & live engagements.

    We are recognised as one of Zimbabwe's leading employers, with our business activities providing over 5000 employment opportunities both directly & indirectly. Through our internship program we offer hundreds of high school students the chance to learn more about the creative industries & how they can pursue a career in one of the many fields related to it.

    The SOTG Institute's campus is a creative hub of constant innovation, creation and education. It is here that we put our artists through their paces, regardless of what stage their career is at . . . from the developing, to the emerging to the established performing artist. With access to state-of-the-art facilities designed to bring out the very best in each of our artists, from the recording studios to the modern band rehearsal and practice centers & an incredible wealth of knowledge flowing from our industry experienced team of mentors . . . our artists are encouraged to never tire of learning more about their industry.

    25% of our alumni go on to achieve major label success, with the majority of them going on to create creative business entities of their own. These figures are a testament to The Institute's desire to facilitate the creation of a billion dollar creative economy in Zimbabwe, that lasts and serves it's people long after The Institute's own contribution.

    At The SOTG Institute we are a family, a family of leaders eager to learn more in order to share more, hence the reason for our mentorship model of education. Every artist is taught by those who have actually gone and experienced the lessons they impart. We encourage all our artists to think big, start small & learn fast.

    The Institute's Area Of Innovation - how we do it The SOTG Institute leads on Quality - Quality of creative output, quality of education, quality of consumer connections and quality of life lead by our artists. The creative sector is now viewed as a respectable contributor to the nation's economy, with the arts a valuable career path, thanks largely to our commitment to the world-class development of our art & it's artists.

    The Institute's Immutable Laws - the way we do it

    Hunger For More - We never tire of aiming for and achieving results. Tangible results, and not just the warm feeling that we get from helping our artists expressing their dreams. We believe numbers don't lie, and serve as the best way to gauge our hunger. To know exactly where we are,where we hope to grow to and just how far off we are. We love to stay hungry, and knowing the lay of the land from stage to stage helps us do just that.

    Be The Amazing - Our commitment to both creating and being the best doesn't simply end there, we'd also like to be amazing while we do so. To develop products and experiences that evoke emotion and make an impact on a level deeper than just the surface or the financial. We pursue "the amazing" to ensure that we make a real and lasting impression on our audience & each other.

    Show & Prove - We never take our talents for granted, we don't rest on our laurels and we don't blow our own trumpets for the sake of hearing ourselves speak. We're all about action. We believe our work speaks volumes where words fail. Our dreams & ideas feed our souls, but our relentless commitment to implementation & execution feed our work ethic. The thought of new challenges ahead of us, and great successes behind us, keep us not only humble but hard-working.

    The Institute's Community - who we do it with and for We work with the young creatives who wish to play an active role in developing our industry. The dreamers, the misfits & the revolutionaries with something valuable and unique to say. An acute desire to make a difference in their generation, but above all else a desire to learn, and the propensity to work tirelessly.

    Every partner that we work with understands that "Tisu Ngoda Dzacho" - that we are the diamonds in the ground they've been seeking around for, the secrets of the soil soft-spoken in proud roars. We are today, the future.

    - Tehn

    Now please go and support my vision , our vision, by listening to and sharing the Simba Tagz & Ice Prince banger "Don't Leave" here

  • #TheDailyTehn x "The Truth About Life"

    There are two eternal truths that I know, and would love nothing better than to share with you today. They are as follows. Firstly, that life is the hardest substance known to man and secondly, that life's greatest joy (or at least mine) is progress through this life despite the hardness of the matter.


    That's what I know I know about existence.

    Life is hard & progress feels amazing. Case closed.

    As a result of this young equation of mine, we can quite easily deduce that the reason why progress feels amazing is in fact BECAUSE life is so hard. And what makes life so hard ?

    We do.


    The humans living it. It is we who make life hard, just as plainly and directly as it is we who in fact make Castle great . . . the difference is exactly the same.

    Life is made hard by our own expectations, and half of the time we don't even realise it. We wake up, we expect some version of life, go out there to live it and come back in at the end of our 24 hour allotment battered and bruised cos life had us in a headlock all day.

    Well, this kind of abuse can both exist and happen day in and day out for weeks, months, years and decades if you let it. You're nodding now because you probably last got body slammed a mere two days ago, you probably woke up fresh off of a restful Sunday . . . sauntered into some Monday action & got your ass handed to you. Hard life style. Standard.

    No surprises here, and believe me, no shame in that. Life happens. And when it happens, for the most part, it is hard.

    If you're ready for some good news, here it comes. I don't really think it's all the way possible for us to stop waking up and expecting things outta life. I believe that we are wired to want more, to want better, to want to go faster and further and higher and for longer. That's our thing, as humans, we sorta garra keep it pushing.

    For sanity's sake we land here as souls fresh outta wherever we come from, and we're eager to make a mark . . . to create our world . . . and most of all to produce results. It's by way of producing results that we gauge whether progress is being made or not.

    And as we all recall, PROGRESS IS AMAZING. In fact, progress is simple. We simply see the picture of what it is we want out of ourselvevs & life. We plan towards this picture. Then we take action towards painting it.


    Sooooooo simple. Right ?!

    Shame on you. No. WRONG !!!!

    Life is hard!!!

    Mind you, the hardness of life is set up in such a deceptive way that talking about life is quite simple. Dreaming up wonderful and amazing future lives is a piece of pie. Fantasizing about success and riches and speed boats and big houses is an aboslute piece of cake. And so we forget, we forget the facts of life . . . that life is not simple, life is not easy, life is in fact as hard as diamond coated nails dipped in the tears of Chuck Norris.

    I don't care what anyone else tells you, to overcome life we need to be living in the glory of progress as constantly and consistently as possible. I for one, am absolutely miserable when I'm not making progress. I have dreams and goals and expectattions life the rest of you and when I sit about watching life cruise on by me . . . it breaks my little dreamer heart.

    Which is why today exists. The Wednesday when I try to present to you #TheDailyTehn edition that used to deal with "Personal Develoment/Growth" but now shall focus on the one true way of life . . .

    PRODUCTIVITY, The eternal art of getting shit done. The great equalizer. When life hands you lemons, get up and get shit done, cos lemons don't pay the rent. Progress does, and productivity begets progress. I'm gonna share what I think I know about the matter, and hopefully you're gonna share some of what you do that keeps you doing and moving so well through life.

    Good talk. Catch you next week.

    - Tehn

  • #TheDailyTehn  x  "Building Bridges & Doors"

    #TheDailyTehn x "Building Bridges & Doors"

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again, 2014 has been one hell of a ride. A very dark & heavy year, to say the least. I took some timeout to read back on my earlier posts on relationships, and was reminded of my struggle with my relationship with myself. At the top of this year I became my greatest enemy, hands down with no competition in sight. 

    There was very little love inside of me for me. Very few kind words spoken between me and myself. When the days got hard, I got even harder on myself. When they got easier, I didn't allow myself the moments of celebration and acknowledgement that I deserved.

    It was a period of time that I spent hiding from the world, hiding through smiles and empty action. It was only through the care and attention of one close friend in particular that I managed to begin to see myself in a more worthy light. And no sooner had I made it to the light, did my friend need me to be strong and supportive of their own darker days.

    Days that I still struggle with from time to time. At least now, I do so knowing that retiring to my own hermit like existence and just keeping the evils to myself isn't the way forward. I need people, and in my life there are people who need me too.

    Some that I know and already love, others that I haven't even met yet.

    I find myself ten times happier living with this mindset. Aware of the value we hold, because of the value we exchange amongst ourselves. I feel more worthy of my own, knowing there are fellow human beings out there going through these very same highs and lows of life.

    Our existense here as a race is not about competition, but in fact collaboration, communication and co-creation.

    Above all else we are here to create and experience, both made easier & more meaningful by the existence of each other. Our creations connect us and define us daily.

    From the simplest tweet, to the glorious hum of the Boeing 747 engine piercing through the sky . . . the food we prepare . . . the clothes we wear . . . the songs we sing & the moves we make on the dancefloor . . . it's all created & made so much more special by our connections to each other.

    But you'll never connect with everyone. You'll never mean the same thing to any two people. Some connections will be deeper. Some connections will be richer. Some connections will last only a moment, others an entire lifetime.

    It's up to you to seek out the souls singing your song.

    And when you do, join them in song and sing as loud as you possibly can. Create new and beautiful harmonies together. Find others, build a choir and sing your song louder still. That sound will grow louder, and more beautiful with time. All the while attracting to you more souls in tune with your own.

    I'm building a project that's based on this philosophy of collaborative growth, and I recently wrote it's mission statement, for the sole purpose of singing my song as loud as possible I'd like to share it with you:

    "The S.O.T.G. Institute is the home of exceptional Zimbabwean creative talent. Our sole purpose is to "identify and incubate homegrown art into successful businesses within the global village." It is our deepest belief that a country's pride, voice and cultural identity; flow directly from the creative contributions of her artists. An important contribution, with a nascent potential to generate infinite amounts of wealth for the economy and it's beneficiaries . . . the people. Therefore, it is our relentless mission to show our people the world through our own, as artists, and the promise it has; to be the better and amazing while we're at it too."

    And ever since I wrote this out, I've begun building bridges and doors with the kinds of people singing the same song as me. And it all started with making a concerted effort to love myself better, which led to me aligning my business vision with my life mission and having the faith to share.

    I hope you come to know what you are here to create, and more importantly that you come to meet the people you are here to create with & for.

    - Tehn